Voltron vs Godzilla Art Print

Godzilla is a big monster. Voltron fights big monsters. The Voltron vs Godzilla Art Print reveals the inevitable showdown that has to happen if these two forces ever meet.

Artist Wiz Yakuza brings us a 17″ x 11″ print that features the ultimate Kaiju taking on the joined robotic lions of Team Voltron. It’s atomic breath versus flaming sword, but we can always hope these two work out their differences and join forces. Godzilla might stomp a few skyscrapers every now and then but we all know he’s just a big scaly destructive force for good.

The final print does not include the artist’s watermark or the website address.

The Voltron vs Godzilla Art Print is available for $14.99 at WizYakuza.com.

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  1. Need to know how we can buy 2 of the Voltron and Godzilla art print for $14.99.Size 17×11. Can you email your address?

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