Voltron VÖL-TRAHN Art Print


When Voltron the Legendary Defender falls in combat, it’s up to the mighty barbarian in the Voltron VÖL-TRAHN Art Print to stand against the forces of evil.

In a dark alternate future, the mighty Robo-Lions of the Voltron team have been defeated by King Zarkon. Thousands of years later, a mighty warrior rises up, wielding a blade forged from Voltron’s Blazing Sword. Dressed in the battle garb of the 5 Lion Clans, the mighty VÖL-TRAHN defends those who can’t defend themselves.

Oh yeah. I’d watch this if it were a movie or television series.

The 11 x 17 print was created by artist Mike Rooth.

The Voltron VÖL-TRAHN Art Print is available for $10 at Mike Rooth’s Big Cartel store.


  1. That is actually a very interesting idea… kind of like rebooting the series without actually doing so. AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEESOME idea!!

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