Voltron USB Flash Drive

Voltron USB Drive

Remember the team of five pilots manning the red, blue, yellow, green and black robotic lions.  Well they’re back and they are joined together as a Voltorn 2GB USB Drive.  This 2GB USB Drive is a perfect addition to the already popular Bat Stick USB Drive, Emtec Animal USB Drives and the Tron Light Cycle Thumb Drive.  Voltron has always been a Defender of the Universe and now he can protect your files on his USB drive.

To go along with the decent amount of storage space, the Voltron 2GB USB Drive also has movable head and arms, a sword that fits in his hands and feet, a chest that lights up with data transfer and a remastered episode of the classic cartoon.

Voltron USB Flash Drive

Voltron 2GB USB Drive

  • Articulated head and arms
  • Chest lights up with data transfer
  • Includes Blazing Sword
  • Comes preloaded with a fully remastered episode of the classic Voltron cartoon
  • 3.5″ tall

You can have this Votron 2GB USB Drive for $36.99 at ThinkGeek.com.


  1. USB flash drives are relatively inexpensive these days but they still have a high perceived value, they’re small, easy to carry, easy to use, there are loads of different models, styles and colors to choose from and they look fantastic printed up with a company logo. If you’re trying to think outside the box, try something different than the usual.

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