Vampyr Released for PC/PS4/Xbox One


Today Focus Home Interactive released the action RPG Vampyr for PC/PS4/Xbox One by DONTNOD Entertainment. In the game, you are Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned Vampyr living in London in 1918. As a doctor, you must search for a cure for the Spanish Flu epidemic ravaging the citizens, yet as a Vampyr you are cursed to feed on those you sworn to heal.

As a Vampyr, you are able to fight and manipulate with supernatural abilities. At night, you must defend against the strange creatures that roam London. You are both the savior and the stalker as you must feed to survive. Who you choose to sacrifice for the greater good makes a difference, and you must be prepared for the consequences.

Watch the Vampyr  launch trailer:

Prepare to stalk or save the streets of 1918 London next week with Vampyr’s Launch Trailer!

Ravaged by the Spanish Flu, London is paralyzed by the epidemic, violence and fear… It has become a ghost town, completely disorganized, and only the mad, the desperate and the unlucky dare step outside, where they are exposed to the most elusive predators in the United Kingdom: vampires.

Watch the Vampyr “Becoming the Monster” Gameplay trailer:

Vampyr’s new gameplay trailer! By sacrificing the very citizens you swore to protect, learn and evolve powerful vampire abilities to defeat London’s deadly foes, at the risk of causing entire districts to collapse! Vampyr is an action-RPG with a twilight atmosphere, developed using the Unreal Engine 4.

Create your own style of combat using a wide choice of weaponry and vampiric skills to confront a unique and varied bestiary. Hunt down human prey to feed, but be careful, as your choices will have a significant influence on your development and may forever seal the fate of London.

Watch the Vampyr Story trailer from DONTNOD:

Fear the Reaper and dive into a strange new world in our Vampyr’s Story Trailer! Vampyr releases June 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Emerging from the swirling chaos, a tormented being comes back to life. Take on the role of an eminent doctor recently transformed into a vampire, who seeks to understand his new condition as a drinker of blood. His quest, guided by intuition, discovery and ordeal, will be punctuated with death and drama as he attempts to stave off the irrepressible thirst pushing him to take the lives of others.

Who will you sacrifice? Who will you save? How will you live with the consequences of your choices? Your decisions will shape your fate as you cling to what’s left of your humanity while delving into the mysteries surrounding the origin of the Spanish Flu.

Explore the sinister atmosphere of London at the start of the 20th Century during the worst epidemic in modern history. Play as a powerful and tormented Vampire, determined to pierce the veil of secrets surrounding your new nature: still a man of science, you are now also a creature of the night, and your cruelest combat will be with yourself.

There are no special editions for Vampyr, just the standard edition for PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. However, it still matters where you buy the game–Best Buy is offering a free $10 Best Buy E-Gift Card with purchase this week. The list price for all editions is $59.99.

Vampyr Windows PC is available at Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon.

Vampyr PlayStation 4 is available at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

Vampyr Xbox One is available at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

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