I Survived the Simian Flu T-Shirt

Humans die and the apes will rise but the I Survived the Simian Flu T-Shirt shows that you’re tough enough to survive this brave new world.

When the Planet of the Apes franchise was relaunched (the second time), we learned that a few scientists doomed us all by creating a drug called ALZ-113. Unlike the earlier version, ALZ-112, 113 proved to be an unlucky number for mankind, killing off most humans while making apes smart. Even if you survived the Simian Flu, there was still a chance you’d lose the ability to speak. Still, surviving that nasty man-made bug is definitely something to brag about so wear this shirt with pride.

And enjoy that nice little shout-out to Charlton Heston from the 1968 Planet of the Apes.

The image was created by adho1982.

Available for $22 at TeeFury.

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