Lil’ Vampire Pacifier

Lil' Vampire Pacifier

Regarding the “Twilight” saga, you probably imagined that Bella’s and Edward’s daughter Renesmee had some serious fangage on her as you were reading the book. Was it “Breaking Dawn?” (This is before you saw the movie and she turned out to be a stunning little normal-looking girl.) Now you can turn your own geeklings into baby vampires or Team Edward fans in the making when you put the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier in their hungry mouths.

As much as our kids fill our hearts with love, they also drain the living daylights and bank accounts out of us. In a way, they are little vampires, so babies and toddlers might as well don a set of fangs before growing in their real ones.

Lil' Vampire Baby Pacifier

Lil’ Vampire Pacifier

  • For all Ages (prefer baby age though)
  • Pacifier gives your baby vampire fangs
  • Makes baby simultaneously quiet and awesome
  • If baby sparkles, feed to werewolves immediately and make a new baby

One random, nosey grandma tried to intervene when my son, who was a baby at the time, was crying in Target, and she told me I needed to give him a pacifier. Man, do I wish I had this awesome pacifier just to freak that old lady out and shut her up.

The vamp pacifier is a great costume prop for Halloween as well, because it’s not like you’re going to smear white makeup and fake blood on your little baby vampire’s face.

You can find the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier at ThinkGeek for $4.99. It’s also available at NeatoShop. The vamp pacifier also makes the perfect baby shower gag gift.

If you love Edward Cullen and are having his lovechild, you will want to put on this Twilight Maternity Shirt.

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