T&T Pen-ink Chamber

T&T Pen-ink Chamber

Let’s save the earth one pen at a time, shall we? At least that’s the idea behind the T&T Pen-ink Chamber that was designed by Han Chi-hoon, Kim Yeon-soo, Park Byong-gon & Kim Sung-geun as their official entry to the iF Concept Design competition.

You probably already gathered that the T&T Pen is still a concept design for now, but it’s a pretty good idea, don’t you think? More ink sprung around (pardon the pun) and crammed into the same amount of space that your average pen would take.

T&T Pen-ink Chamber

This means that you’ll probably throw out your pens less frequently with these in your pocket.

T&T Pen-ink Chamber

What do you think? Are these T&T pen-ink chambers a good idea? Maybe we’ll see these pens through to production if those guys bag first place at the competition.


  1. Doesn’t really stack up this concept. Why not make the ink chamber just a little thinner than the outside barrel instead which would hold a lot more ink? Or alternatively why do you need the inside chamber anyhow as I’m sure it’s possible to make a pen using just one piece of material in the first place. might be something to do with the ink drying up due to heat from the person or something but I’m sure there are materials now out there that would resolve this.

  2. @Aled’s comment:

    I’m sure that was tried first, even before the current chambers, but it puts too much pressure on the ball point tip, I would assume. That would just cause a mess when writing.

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