Grass Blades Bookmark

The need for bookmarks is on the decline now that people are getting hooked to e-readers, but a lot of us still rely on and haven’t totally given up on paper books. For all you grass-roots bookworms out there, the Grass Blades Bookmark is a freshest way to mark […]

Imagination Games The Hobbit Board Game

The Hobbit Board Game

You won’t want to leave the Shire after you get The Hobbit Board Game. Instead you will want to play it pretty much all of the time. The timing is perfect too, since Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie is almost here. While you are waiting for […]

Pig Buddies

Pig Buddies USB Hub

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these Pig Buddies are. The sow is basically a USB hub, while the tiny piglets are the flash drives. Store your data, files, and other work and personal documents in the tiny piglets which are as […]

AlcoSense Elite Personal Breathalyser

AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer

Study hard, work hard, and party harder. If that’s your mantra, then it might be a good idea to get one of these AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzers. These portable and handy devices can tell just from your breath if you’re fit or unfit to drive. You […]

Christmas Pudding Trash Bag

Christmas Pudding Trash Bags

Make ordinary and usually tiring tasks this holiday season a bit more fun and festive, starting with taking the trash out. Replace those boring black garbage bags with the Christmas Pudding Bag and your kids will probably start fighting one another to take the trash […]

Heat Changing Love Mug

Heat Changing Love Mug

Strapped for ways to tell your significant of how much you love him or her? If you’re constantly doing sweet things to keep the fire burning (like giving chocolates, sending each other virtual hugs, surprising one or the other with flowers or presents), then you […]

Arctic Force Snowball Maker Toy

Arctic Force Snowball Maker

The snow is falling, and we all know what that means: snowball fights! They’re way more fun if you’re battling people you actually know. I remember when my sisters and I were visiting family overseas and were suddenly pelted by a storm of snowballs from […]