Lip Flask – Lipstick Shaped Flask

Lip Flask - Lipstick Shaped Flask

GeekAlerts has shown you quite a few flasks over the last several months. It could be because we enjoy a nice slip of our favorite alcoholic concoction on demand or it could be because we needed something to get us through the holidays and all those family reunions. Either way, flasks are cool looking and we think everyone (of age…you almost got me there) should have one including, your female friends.

The Lip Flask – Lipstick Shaped Flask isn’t just for woman, but we figured they would know their way around a lipstick shaped object a little better than your average male. This lip flask comes in red or black and will make for a perfect gift idea or a nice addition to your home bar.

Lip Flask

Why don’t hip flasks look like hips? And what have they got to do with hips anyway? Believe us, if Mustard had invented the hip flask we wouldn’t have given it such a silly name. All our names are perfectly sensible. Like Lip Flask – it’s a flask, it looks like lipstick – so it’s a Lip Flask. Nothing silly about that.

You can purchase the Lip Flask – Lipstick Shaped Flask at Mustard for £9.98 and at for £9.99.

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