Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

I’ve seen the coolest drinking glass props in Sci-Fi TV shows and movies that I wished they would make, but sadly most of the time they never do and so I use boring drink ware. But now they have created a really cool Sci-Fi glass replica with this Blade Runner Whiskey Glass.

It’s just like the one Deckard used in the movie. You don’t need to spend all day shooting replicants to enjoy a good drink in one either.

It is made from hand-made crystal glass, mouth-blown by artisans at boutique Italian company, Arnolfo di Cambio. Just like the original prop. It will cost you £54.99($86/€66) from Firebox. Also available at for £52.45.


  1. Great film – great props. Iconic design from Italy and I’ve seen the decanter and black versions of the glasses at this site too – seems cheaper than firebox:

  2. Yes, it’s much cheaper at and they also carry the full range which includes vodka glasses and a matching ice bucket of all things

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