Nifty Shades of Play

February 2, 2013 James Kelly 0

So now that you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s about time you take action. The novelty Nifty Shades of Play is for adults looking to enjoy a little something extra this Valentine’s Day. The book includes 50 pages of “down and dirty” games and […]


Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Effect Bottle Opener

January 28, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

A true Jedi either opens a beer with the force or with their lightsaber. That’s because Jedi rock. And now you can open your bottles with a lightsaber too with this Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Effect Bottle Opener. Just like a true Jedi. It looks […]


Doctor Who Cyberman Etch A Sketch

January 24, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

If you have ever wanted to get into the head of a Cyberman, this Doctor Who Cyberman Etch A Sketch is the perfect way to do so. It’s the classic toy with a Doctor Who twist. An Etch-A-Sketch that looks like a Cyberman. Draw whatever […]


Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

January 17, 2013 Range 1

The Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is supposed to be used in your bathroom, allowing you to belt out your favorite tunes, without worrying about getting your speaker wet. You can stream music from any Bluetooth device. It can also answer phones, and act like a […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Telephone

January 13, 2013 Marty Shaw 0

I don’t know why you might be interested in a phone that’s hidden away in a replica of a blue 1920’s phone box, but… hey! Wait a minute! That’s not an ordinary phone box; it’s the Doctor Who TARDIS Telephone, and that changes everything. It […]


Doctor Who Behind the Sofa Book

January 10, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

If you consider yourself a serious Doctor Who fan, you will want to spend some time reading this Doctor Who Behind the Sofa Book. Within it’s pages you will find over 100 celebrity memories of Doctor Who, which should make for a great read. And […]


Star Wars R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter

January 9, 2013 Conner Flynn 1

R2-D2 is Luke’s best friend in the Star Wars movies and the little droid has gotten them out of some tough situations in the past. If he could, he would slice up Luke’s pizza for him. Well, that may not have been in the movie, […]

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

January 7, 2013 Ryan Cooper 1

A cool wine bottle holder is a nice way to spice up your decor and add an interesting conversation piece to your home. For example, those Chain and Rope wine bottle holders from awhile back were really awesome, aided by the optical illusion that they […]


Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

January 1, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

Star Trek fans who always wanted to learn more about the Federation are in luck. This Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years book celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets. This illustrated volume will tell you about the […]

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Book

December 25, 2012 James Kelly 0

They say reading is good for you, especially if you find a topic you enjoy, so put down that smartphone and get ready for some quality book time. Nintendo and Dark Horse Books have teamed up to produce something all classic gamers and Zelda fans […]


Star Wars Off The Wall Alarm Clock

December 24, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

When you are a Jedi in training, you can use that Jedi training ball that Luke used aboard the Falcon and better still, you can also use it as a clock. This Star Wars Off The Wall Alarm Clock will train you by waking you […]

True Utility AngleHead LED Torch Review

True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight Review

December 19, 2012 James Scott 0

Most every flashlight shines its beam the same direction–through the front tip. Often this is fine, but sometimes it is far from ideal. We take a hands-on look at an extraordinary flashlight that shines to the side in this True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight Review. […]

True Utility FrameWork Mini Review

True Utility FrameWork Mini Review

December 12, 2012 James Scott 0

In the past we’ve reviewed quite a few products from True Utility, a company based in England that designs and manufactures high quality pocket tools. Now they sent GeekAlerts a whole range of new products, and we’re taking a hands-on look at one of them […]

The Always Accurate Adventurometer

Casio Pathfinder Solar Power Watch

December 11, 2012 Marty Shaw 1

Why settle for a watch that just tells time when you can strap the Casio Pathfinder Solar Power Watch on your wrist? Aside from the fact that you’ll appear much more awesome to your friends when you say you’re wearing an Adventurometer, instead of a […]

Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair Book

December 11, 2012 Marty Shaw 0

Ever think your cat sheds enough hair to make another cat? With the Crafting With Cat Hair Book, you really can; but you don’t have to stop at just cats because this book shows you how to do various projects with cat hair. In addition […]

dalek blueprint poster

Dalek Blueprint Doctor Who Poster

November 29, 2012 Conner Flynn 1

Have you ever wanted to find out how Daleks work? Well, you need some blueprints then. This Dalek Blueprint Doctor Who Poster will help you understand the inner workings of Doctor Who’s arch enemy and look good on your wall. It measures 24″ x 36″ […]

Inflatable Docotor Who Tardis

Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS

November 28, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

How many times have you wished that the TARDIS would suddenly appear in your home? Probably lots. Well, now it can. With the help of your lungs anyway. This Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS will put a TARDIS in your home. It may not be bigger […]

LEGO Jabba's Palace

LEGO Star Wars Jabba’s Palace

November 21, 2012 James Kelly 0

Maybe you wear the Inflatable Jabba the Hutt Costume or maybe you just enjoy his style; either way, everyone has to love Jabba…Okay. Han doesn’t, but he has a legitimate gripe. For the rest of us, the LEGO Star Wars Jabba’s Palace set is a […]



November 19, 2012 Marty Shaw 2

It’s always fun to add a little retro style to modern tech, and the Ice-Phone does just that. Instead of leaving your smartphone in your pocket or purse or placing it in a plain-jane dock, you can add a little nostalgic spice by turning your […]