Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Predator 2 Helmet

Get ready to release your inner intergalactic beast as you step up to your motorcycle and slip on the Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet. The road becomes your hunting ground as you become a Predator of the highways and byways, forcing others to flee in terror as your targeting sights lock on to them.

Okay. I guess it probably won’t be that intense when you place this customized motorcycle helmet on your head but it should still be pretty exciting, especially when you consider all the cool extras that can be added to make your Predator helmet stand out from any others that might be roaming around your hunting ground neighborhood.

Predator 2 Helmet

  • Fiberglass, carbon fiber and polycarbonate
  • Removable visor
  • Weight: 3,9lb (1,8kg)
  • 2хAAA Batteries
  • Based on certified IXS helmet
  • Extras:
    • 3 red super bright LEDS
    • laser controlled aimer
    • smoke face shield
    • improved graphics: scars, engraving and symbols
    • top level airbrushing
    • carbon dreadlocks spearheads
    • canines
    • carbon fiber shell

Transform yourself from rider to hunter with the Predator 2 Helmet, starting at $780 at NLO MOTO.


  1. Is there a supplier in the USA? This site is in Russia. I don’t know of anyone who does business successfully in Russia without being taken.
    The price with all the extras is $1850 USD.

  2. Well my American friends, I’m going to advise you not to buy anything from them. Supposedly original helmet can be bought from the creators of it –, and since i can speak and write in russian i gave them a heads up about my interest in buying the helmet. it came out to be like 800$ for the base model. Anyways, after i transfered money, they dropped off the face of the earth. tried even to call them, but still cant get a hold of anyone. They are bunch of crooks and will steal your hard earned money!

  3. It’s a novelty helmet. It’s euro dot standart approved. I wired up some money,and it does takes couple of Go days to confirm the payment, but it’s one of the processes that might take almost a week. They did confirmed that they got the money and told me they are beginning the making process. We will see in a month if I got scamed or not, but I think those guys legit.
    And the is the legit motorcycle studio. All that NLO-MOTO.RU is true scam, there’s a video on YouTube where guy bought it and it’s a piece of crap.
    I will post up once I get it and what conditions it came in.

    • Did you ever get the helemt from Nitrinos? Im really interested in buying one but Id like to get a review from someone. Only review Ive seen is the one from NLO moto and its a piece of shit.

  4. No man. Not yet. They have been yanking my chain with that one. I have been emailing them almost twice a week for past month and they didnt reply back. Just a week ago they finally contacted me back saying my helmet is ready for shipment. I said ok, ship it. Gave them address and that looks like im being ignored again. I’ve asked them about the tracking number and all that, but havent got a response back. Looks like a very bad customer handling skills. Im not satisfied at all with them so far. Now all I have to get it. Lol. Hit me up with any questions if you might have at [email protected]

  5. I’ve got the helmet 2 weeks ago! Its It’s awesome!!! Quality is good, its actually looks like one in pic for the article, with nylon dreads. Fits great and what even more better it handles better than my shoei.Waiting was definitely worth it!

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