Steampunk Custom Made Predator

Steampunk Custom Made Predator

Whether you are a fan of Steampunk or not, this Steampunk Custom Made Predator full-sized figure should get you excited. Made to order from Kreatworks, this Predator is something to marvel at and would probably even make Arnold Schwarzenegger second guess his decision to do battle against it.

Crafted from recycled metal, useless auto parts, and machines, this Predator weighs roughly 500kg and measures 250 x 90 x 155 cm ( height x length x width.) Since this figure is probably too big for many of our readers’ game rooms, we figure you might need to leave it at your front door and that is ok since it is coated with a rust protectant lacquer. Take a look at the last photo to get a feel for the scale of this thing.

Kreatworks Full Size Predator Sculpture

I wouldn’t worry about having to do battle against any aliens. With the details and craftsmanship so true; not to mention that this thing is 8+ feet tall, they won’t be coming by your home anytime soon.

Steampunk Predator Figure

Someone call the former Governator, this Steampunk Custom Made Predator is on the loose and looks like it is ready to do battle.

Steampunk Predator

If you feel all tingly inside right now, that is totally normal and it’s about to get better. Start digging under that couch for loose change and scratching people off your Christmas list, it seems Kreatworks is only asking $7,400 for these one of a kind masterpieces. Check it out at


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