Personal ATM Cash Machine

Personal ATM Cash MachineYou think money grows on trees? If your kid answers yes, don’t blow a gasket. Get smart and start teaching junior the art of saving money. The Personal ATM is a fun tool that’ll help your kid or anyone develop life-long habits of saving up and understanding the value of money.

This mini ATM has very realistic functions. To access your account, the ATM card must be inserted and a real password or pin number must be punched in on the number pad. Then, say junior wants to buy a $60 video game. You can set $60 as the saving target and set the projected number of days it would take to reach the target. He/she will probably have to earn money and make deposits to reach the goal and then withdraw the funds once the goal is met. There’s even a check balance and calculator feature.

The machine will accept all types of paper currency, but the value must be entered manually because it’s not optimized to recognize different bills. However, if you plan to deposit coins they’d better be Australian, mate. Otherwise it won’t work. Who actually puts coins in ATMs anyway, right?

Other little thieves will want to try to steal money out of the machine, but security is built in as well. There are no surveillance cameras. But if someone tries to tamper with the ATM, an alarm will sound and send the bank robbers scrambling. Ha ha!

Personal ATM

Having a Personal ATM will let your kid feel cool, grown-up, and responsible, just like you. In the process, the physical act of putting money somewhere to save for a later date will prove to be a ‘priceless’ lesson.

Product Specification

The Personal ATM features: coin depositing (single slot, auto measuring), note (dollar) depositing, security card control, password security (set by owner), saving target and time setting, money withdrawal, check balance, check money still needed, check saving days left, 8-digit calculator, time and date display, sound/alarm and personal cabinet.

The Personal ATM is about 800g and 158(L) x 130(W) x 200(H) mm in weight and size respectively, is powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included) and recommended for ages six years old and upwards.

Note: Automatic coin recognition feature works with Australian coins only. When inserting notes you have to key in the note value manually.

You can find the Personal ATM at for $42.75 US, $41.15 CA or $39.95 AU. Don’t forget to pick up three AA batteries. Next your kid will start thinking he’s eligible for his own credit cards and trading stocks, like those E*Trade babies.

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