Old-School Calculator iPhone 4 Case

Old-School Calculator iPhone 4G Case

The photo of the Old-School Calculator iPhone 4 Case looks so real that I had to do a double-take at the product information to check that there isn’t a real calculator stuck onto the case itself. Of course, common sense would tell you that there isn’t a real calculator stuck to this because you can just flip it over and tap on the Calculator app on your iPhone instead.

The thing that I love the most about the case is that it rocks the old school vibe so well. People interested in filching your smartphone won’t even consider taking a second look at your phone (when you place it upside down with your touchscreen facing down, of course), because what would they do with some old calculator anyway?

Old-School Calculator iPhone 4G Case

Our Calculator Flashback iPhone Case looks just like dad’s calculator from years ago! It says 07734 which we all know now says HELLO, but back in the day we’re sure you blew some of your friend’s minds with that one!

Technology is moving at the speed of light, and we love our fancy-shmancy newfangled gadgets. But sometimes it’s easier to bathe in the glow of a simpler time.

Snaps easily into your iPhone 4G. Fits AT&T and Verizon models. Sorry guys, phone not included – dang!

Score one of these vintage-looking Old-School Calculator iPhone 4G Cases from Perpetual Kid for $11.99. These are also available for only $8.25 at Amazon.com.


  1. Is it functional? The thing that i like is that it looks like a calculator but would love it if it actually worked like a calculator… believe it or not,id rather go through my desk and find my calculator than to go to my phone and click the calculator app… the feeling is just better..

    If anyone can answer my question as to whether this is functional, it would be a pleasure.

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