Crazy Calculator

Crazy Calculator

When you’re number crunching with a calculator, trying to figure out what the damage is after splurging on a big vacation to Disney or after purchasing too many gizmos seen on GeekAlerts, it’s usually no laughing matter. That’s why some wise guy has invented a calculator to inject some humor back into situations that would otherwise be bleak and depressing. The Crazy Calculator is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of calculators.

On normal mode, the calculator behaves like your standard calculator, giving you error-free totals every time. However, when you flip the switch to crazy mode, the calculator gets all ghetto and displays belligerent messages like:

Crazy Calculator

  • You tell me
  • Try Later
  • Go away!
  • Gimme a break!
  • R U serious
  • Ask nicely
  • And many more

It makes the perfect gag gift for friends who are serious about math and numbers. Try giving it as a gift and have it set to crazy mode, without advertising what the calculator is capable of and let your friends discover the calculator’s raunchy attitude on their own.  Priceless. The Crazy Calculator would also be a great gift for someone heading off to college or a math and science institute, or a graduation gift for someone in the field of accounting or who is going to business school. It’s also a unique office gag gift, since it looks like your typical, old-school, no-frills calculator. But little do they know…

The Crazy Calculator is $9.95 at For more calculators designed for geeks by geeks, check out the Hydro-Powered Calculator and the Kokuyo X-ViZ Calculator that looks like a remote.

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