Grime Writer

grime writer

There are some great graffiti artists out there, tagging buildings with their property-defacing artwork. The Grime Writer lets you unleash your inner Rembrandt without having to worry about the po-po tapping you on the shoulder and asking what you’re doing with that spraycan.

The great thing about this little pen is that graffiti artists can’t be slammed with damaging property because they’re actually doing the opposite – they’re cleaning it, with a new trend referred to as reverse tagging.

The Grime Writer is basically a pen loaded with soapy water, but don’t think you’re stuck with just writing ‘Wash Me’ on the back of dirty cars. With a little imagination and some artistic leanings, a little clean space can create wonders.


Grime Writer

  • 1” x 6.2” x 1”
  • .07 oz (without soapy water)

You can unlock the clean within the filth with the Grime Writer for $12.95 at Cool Material. Also available at

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