Genius Pen Mouse

Genius Pen Mouse

We’ve seen what the Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Mouse can do even with its teeny tiny size. But if you were impressed with that, then you’d be blown away with the Genius Pen Mouse. Yes, it’s exactly what it’s name implies: it’s a computer mouse in the form of a pen!

You won’t be able to write anything on paper with this pen, but you will be able to move your cursor across your screen, click on whatever you want to, and double-click when necessary. In short, the Genius Pen Mouse can do everything that your regular USB or laser mouse can do. Its size makes it extremely portable; you can jut take the mouse and tuck it inside your shirt pocket and you’ll be good to go once you’ve got your laptop in tow.

Genius Pen Mouse

The Genius Pen Mouse lets you take charge of your computer screen with the lightest of touches. The Pen’s performance-enhanced optical engine lets you use it on any surface from mouse mats to your own leg, so it’s ideal for computing on the go. Being the size and proportions as a regular pen it’ll also fit neatly into your pocket when you’re on the move. It even comes with a travel case for extra protection.

The Genius Pen Mouse responds intuitively to you – there’s very little to it. Just plug the tiny 2.4GHz receiver into your computer or laptop and you’re ready to go! The smart power-saving function recognizes when the Pen’s not being used and powers down. So it’s always ready to go when you need it. Say goodbye to your clunky old mouse.

The Genius Pen Mouse is available from Firebox for £27.99.

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