Traveler Laser Mouse with OPTO-Wheel Scroll

Genius Traveler 515 Laser Mouse

This handy laser mouse features Vista hotkeys and the four way OPTO-wheel scroll technology, said to make “document and Internet browsing effortlessly”.

It is creating a fascinating scrolling experience for PC users; also a hyper speed scrolling function was embedded to help users fly though long pages within seconds to expeand the value of such innovation further.

In addition to comply with the launch of Vista OS, Traveler 515 Laser has bulit-in with Vista hotkeys function of Flip 3D which creates a three-dimensional viewing convience for the opened window tasks and the Smart IE search allows you to seach the highlighted words for all the related information listed thought IE search engine.

Genius Traveler 515 Laser Mouse


  • Innovative four way OPTO-Wheel scroll technology
  • Hyper-speed turbo scroll to fly through documents in seconds
  • High resolution laser engine for a superb tracking performance
  • Build-in with Vista hot keys of Flip 3D application switch and smart IE search
  • Provides DPI adjustment between 1600 and 800 dpi resolution
  • Suitable for both hand users; comfortable and handy

The Genius Traveler 515 Laser Mouse ($32) is available from USB Brando.

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