MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse

MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse

The MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse is perfect for those that want a very tiny wireless keyboard and need the convenience of a mouse. It is wireless, using 2.4GHz technology for a range up to 10 meters to the nano USB receiver. It has a 56 key keyboard and direction key button, but where it really shines is the 400dpi optical sensor that allows you to easily “mouse” across the screen.

There are plenty of wireless mini keyboards out there, such as the Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Laser Pointer, Bluetooth Mini Keyboard, and Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard that don’t have a mouse function. Those generally work well for typing on portable devices like smartphones where Bluetooth is a must and a mouse is not. There are even a lot of wireless keyboards with built-in mice such as Mini Keyboard with Mouse, Mini Keyboard with Mouse and Touch Scroll, and Wireless Keyboard with 3D Motion Mouse that are useful for controlling a computer such as a Home Theater PC (HTPC) where having a mouse function is very useful.

MIX Gestures Wireless Keyboard Mouse

This MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse isn’t that different than some of those, but it is very compact, uses 2.4GHz RF for long range, has a high resolution 400dpi optical sensor, and is straight forward to use. This is a pretty good combination for a lot of people.

Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse

MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse

  • Handy compact devices for living room entertainment
  • Gesture functions for Web Page, Photo Scroll Up/Down, Move, Previous/Next page
  • Combo of Keyboard, Mouse & Multi-Media Utility
  • Mouse Left, Right & sensor cursor control in compact keyboard
  • Enter search keyboard & chat with friends on your TV screen
  • Control volume or forward music / movie clip very easily
  • Watch PC program on TV screen with easy control from Mobile Keyboard
  • Tiny design is travel, school, or any other working environment
  • Window 7 / Vista / XP and Mac OS 10.5 Supported
  • Connection Range: Up to 10M in open space
  • Plug and Play
  • Measures approximately 10.9cm x 5.9cm x 1.8cm
  • Weight: 93 grams

The MIX Gestures Wireless Mini Keyboard Mouse is available for $50 at the USB Brando website.

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