Fatboy Original Pillow

Fatboy Pillow

Remember all the fun you had as a kid sitting on that beanbag pillow and possibly hitting a few friends with it every once and while.  Now you can do it all again; only this time the beanbag is adult sized.  Watch out friends!  The Fatboy Original Pillow is a 70″ x 55″ pillow made from high-tech, specially-coated nylon with 16 colors patterns available.  If you are looking for some cool comfortable pillow furniture, look no further.

Fatboy Camo Pillow

Fatboy Original Pillow

  • Made from tough, water resistant nylon with a PVC coating, Fatboys are splash-proof (not water proof) and stain-resistant.
  • As seen on Big Brother.
  • Wipe clean with soap and water.
  • Measures approximately 140 cm x 180 cm.

You can purchase this cool Fatboy pillow at Firebox for £159.99 with free delivery.  To learn more about the Fatboy go to Fatboyusa.  If you are in need of a ultra-cool outdoor chair, checkout the Dream Chair.

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