iPhone 4 Style Pillow Cushion

iPhone 4 Pillow

You have such major love for the new iPhone 4 that you want sleep with it. But your significant other says, “Either the iPhone goes or I go.” Panic not. The iPhone 4 Style Pillow Cushion allows you to be close to your beloved smartphone without really committing any crime.

The front of this plush pillow takes on the appearance of the iPhone 4’s home touchscreen with basic App buttons on front; the bordering has a stainless steel look with buttons in the proper positions; and the rear of the pillow exhibits a comical take on the cult-like Macintosh “apple” with two bite marks on each side. Oh yeah, and there’s a rendition of the sleek camera lens in the upper right corner.

There is a secret pocket on one side so you can hide precious items, like even your iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 Pillow Cushion

The fabric is 82% spandex, which gives the pillow a silky feel, and the filling is polystyrene; synonymous for “soft and fluffy.” The cushion’s size (15.75 in x 7.87 in x 5.91 in) is just right for adding that extra aesthetic punch to brighten up the couch or serve as an accent pillow for the bed. Speaking of accents, you might also like how the Mario Mushroom Vibrating Massage Pillow spruces up the bedroom.

Apple iPhone4 Style Pillow

The Apple iPhone 4 Style Pillow Cushion features:

  • 18% polyesterurethane + 82% terylene spandex fabric cloth material
  • Inside filled with 100% polystyrene white nano particles
  • An open hole left on one side, you can make a DIY pocket & put a phone or anything others as you
    like inside
  • Comfortable and good decoration for your home

The iPhone 4 Style Pillow Cushion is on sale at Deal Extreme for $15.30. Just avoid dialing people and having conversations through your pillow. We don’t want to instigate any breakups.

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