Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay
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Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay Trailer

This game will be available June 12, but you can check it out now in the Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay Trailer. In the game you can create your own Jurassic World, including designing attractions, constructing containment and research facilities, and even bio-engineering new breeds of […]

Overwatch Retribution
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Overwatch Retribution Trailer

Watch this awesome Overwatch Retribution Trailer to get a feel for the new seasonal mission coming April 10 through April 30.  In this PvE mission, which takes place 8 years in the past, you play part of the Blackwatch squad with the goal of capturing […]

Dragon Ball Legends Video Game
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Dragon Ball Legends Video Game Trailer

Dragon Ball fans are having a great day between the new Dragon Ball Super Movie Trailer from Toei Animation and this Dragon Ball Legends Announcement Trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment. The Dragon Ball Legends video game is coming to smartphones (Apple iOS and Android devices) […]

GRIP Video Game
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GRIP Combat Racing Gameplay Trailer

Today, Caged Element released a new GRIP Combat Racing Gameplay Trailer, highlighting the ferocious speed and intense action in this hardcore combat racer. Inspired by the Rollcage games from 1999 and 2000, GRIP features intense driving on floors, walls, and ceilings with cars that can […]

Overwatch Hero: Brigitte
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New Overwatch Hero: Brigitte Lindholm

Today Blizzard Entertainment announced details and released an origin story video for the newest Overwatch Hero: Brigitte Lindholm. She is a support hero that specializes in armor, with the ability to throw repair packs to heal teammates. She also heals nearby allies automatically when she […]