Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys

Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys

With so many cool plush toys out there to choose from (like the 12″ Minifigure Lego Plush, the Domo Mustache Plush, and the Scott Pilgrim Plush), sometimes you just have to be different and give your child this Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys.

Yes, you read that right: this tiny plastic tub contains three stuffed toys that resemble what Salmonella microbes really look like. If you’re envisioning medicine as part of your kid’s future plans, then you might want to give him or her an early start with these plushy microbe toys.

Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush ToysTub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys

Despite their miniature size, these adorable microbes with huge eyes are millions of times larger than the real thing.

They come in a little tub that also includes information about the salmonella bacteria. Don’t be fooled by this “adorable” plush toy, this microbe is well prepared to ruin a perfectly good afternoon of tapas bar hopping.

It’s the perfect teaching tool for parents and educators, and it makes a truly original gift that’s great for anyone with a little sense of humor.

The Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys are available from Curiosite for $15.93.

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  1. Interesting plush toys. It’s funny how someone came up with this idea. Do you think it caters more for adults that would understand the concept?

  2. This is really unique plush toy. I might look for it to add to our shop 🙂

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