Ever find yourself feeling kind of low at the office, especially on Mondays? Well, here’s one ingenious office stapler and stamp combo that will lift your spirits and possibly put a smile on your face every time you use the Stampler.

Press down the Stampler and you get a neatly stapled pile of papers and a straight-faced smiley face (are these still called smileys?) staring right back at you.



The wave of the future was supposed to be the paperless office. “Everything will be over email,” they said. “We’ll save tons of trees,” they said. “It’ll be so green!” they said. Meanwhile, your inbox is still full of paper and you’ve put the wrong cover sheet on your TPS report again. “FML,” you say. “FM not-green, not-paperless L.”

Product Specifications

  • Staples paper and prints a red “smiley” face stamp
  • The staple serves as the not-so-smiley mouth
  • Around the face, text reads HAVE A NICE DAY (in whatever tone of voice you choose)
  • Pre-inked red stamp will last for 3000-5000 stamplings
  • Uses standard sized staples (not included)

The Stampler is available from ThinkGeek for $19.99 each.

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