Smile and Wink Lenticular Waste Basket

Smile and Wink Lenticular Waste Basket

We can all use a pick-me-up, and sometimes it’s surprising how the littlest things will turn a frown upside-down. For instance, the Smile and Wink Lenticular Waste Basket features the classic yellow smiley face that winks at you as you walk by.

Who knew that trash could be so uplifting? Every time you throw something away in the basket, you won’t be able to ignore that smiley face’s contagious smile and encouraging wink. “Thanks for not being a litterbug, Champ,” he seems to be saying.

Winking Wastepaper Basket

  • Brighten everyone’s day with a wink and a smile! Spread cheer throughout the office and dress up a formerly drab cubicle with this smiley face trash basket. Lenticular waste basket gives a wink to anyone who walks by!
  • Measures: 9.25W x 10H x 9.25D Inches
  • Lenticular Winking Smiley Face Image

Besides being the most jovial wastebasket ever, this trash can would also be perfect for storing things such as umbrellas, your collection of light sabers, wrapping paper, rolled-up posters, or toys.

Though you’ll find the Smile and Wink Lenticular Waste Basket in the “Kids Department” of Retro Planet, a smiley face is appropriate for any age, any gender. Get this happy accessory for only $13.99 at Also available at for $14.12.

For the kitchen, there’s a Smiley Face Cookie Jar to match.

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