The Earth Inside Your Watch

Earth Watch

The Think The Earth’s WN-1 Earth Watch ($594) features the effect of the earth floating inside the frame, making a full revolution once a day.

At the edge of the globe there are small indicators to tell you the hours and the minutes. The 45 mm crystal that covers the earth of the titanium watch is made of super tough Hardlex.

WN-1 is water resistant to 100 meters (109 yards) and can easily be customized to serve as a desk clock.

Earth Watch

Watch Northern Hemisphere or WN-1 was created by a team of artists and designers from Japan with the manufacturing assistance of Seiko Instruments Inc… The movement is Quartz with a custom set of 3 reducing gears in the drive train and is powered by a 10 year Lithium battery. The black band is made of “Sophista”; a sports type synthetic fabric with exceptional wear and comfort… The Think the Earth project is a non profit organization founded to promote Earth awareness and provide aid for distressed children.

(Via technabob)

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  1. wtf what the smurf y wud u pay that much for a watch

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