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Assassins Creed Statue

Edward Kenway Assassin’s Creed Statue

Most people wouldn’t be comfortable inviting an assassin into their homes but the Edward Kenway Assassin’s Creed Resin Statue – McFarlane Collectors Club Exclusive will have fans of the popular action-adventure franchise anxious to welcome this particular killer into their family. Based [...]

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White Bronze Cast Army Men Featured

White Bronze Cast Army Men

The classic plastic green army men get a shiny upgrade with the White Bronze Cast Army Men, gaining a few extra points in the toughness category to make up for the points they lose in camouflage skills. Designed and manufactured by hand in the United States, this limited edition military patrol includes a [...]

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Captain America Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format Figure

Captain America Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format Figure

The star-spangled Avenger is getting ready to kick some major butt with the Captain America Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format Figure, offering a unique look that blends his comic book look with what he’d look like in real life. Thanks to Hollywood, it’s not too hard to picture Cap in real [...]

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Zombie Bell Kettlebell

Limited Edition Zombie Kettlebells

You want to be in shape when the zombie apocalypse wipes most of your friends and loved ones out so use the Limited Edition Zombie Kettlebells to keep yourself properly motivated, because nothing motivates like a piece of iron in the shape of a dead guy’s head. These zombie-shaped kettlebells, [...]

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Sucker Punch The Art of the Film

Sucker Punch The Art Of The Film Book

This Sucker Punch The Art Of The Film Book is filled with cool stuff and is a limited edition book signed by Zack Snyder. Snyder will take you on a personal journey through the many worlds and memorable characters of the movie. It will give you a unique insider’s look at the amazing concept art [...]

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Galactus Maquette Small

Galactus Maquette

All other statues and collectibles will tremble because the mighty Devourer of Worlds has taken shape as the Galactus Maquette. For four decades, Galactus has been a recurring character within the Marvel universe. Sometimes he’s an enemy; sometimes he’s an ally, but he is always larger than [...]

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Russell Walks Star Wars Return of the Jedi Poster

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Poster

This Star Wars Return of the Jedi Limited Edition Designer Poster looks amazing. It would look great in your man cave or home theater. It was created by artist Russell Walks and is an officially-licensed Lucasfilm collectible. It shows Luke in his Jedi robes with the unfinished second Death Star behind [...]

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Polystone Spider-Man Statue

Spider-Man Polystone Statue

The wall-crawler finally joins the party as the Spider-Man Polystone Statue arrives on the scene to complete the visually stunning collection created by comic artist J. Scott Campbell. We got our first look at Campbell’s vision for Spider-Man with the Mary Jane Polystone Statue, which was soon [...]

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Marvel Thor Life Size Bust

Thor Life-Size Bust

The Thunder God has never looked more real than he does with the Thor Life-Size Bust, staring fiercely at any who would rise against Asgard… or maybe he’s just a little irritated that you have him confused for that other guy. For those who can no longer picture Thor as anybody else besides [...]

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Terminator T800 Endoskeleton Life Sized Figure

Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Life-Sized Figure

Nobody is truly prepared for Judgement Day until they have a Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Life-Sized Figure. This highly-detailed, film-accurate figure, complete with light-up eyes, will have your friends wondering if SkyNet has finally taken control, and the display base, which is littered with debris [...]

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Game of Thrones The Complete Third Season Limited Edition Bluray DVD Combo Digital Copy

Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season Limited Edition (Blu-ray Combo)

There be dragons here, and by here, I mean your living room, because the Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season Limited Edition (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) brings one of Daenerys’ pets straight to your home. I bet you thought the dragons were headed to Westeros, didn’t you? Well, [...]

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Star Trek Gorn Statue

Star Trek Original Series Gorn 1:6 Scale Statue

Captain James T. Kirk had his fair share of altercations during his five-year mission on the Enterprise and the Star Trek Original Series Gorn 1:6 Scale Statue captures a perfect likeness of one if his more memorable adversaries. You wouldn’t think a giant lizard-man in a gaudy toga-like outfit [...]

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Resident Evil T Virus Prop Replica

Resident Evil T-Virus Prop Replica

The destruction or salvation of mankind is in your hands – or at least you can pretend it is – with the Resident Evil T-Virus Prop Replica. Will you cure or unleash the zombie plague? Resident Evil fans can imagine they’re the hero or the villain when they look across the room and see [...]

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Acme Archives Green Ranger Lithograph

Acme Archives Green Ranger Fine Art Lithograph

If you imagine the Power Rangers and think of a bunch of lame kids in brightly-colored spandex bouncing around and over-acting as if their lives depended on being cheesy, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger and Dragonzord Fine Art Lithograph will probably take you by surprise because this Ranger [...]

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Life Size Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure

Life-Sized Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure

This is the action figure you’ve been looking for, and don’t believe any old guys in brown robes if they try to tell you anything different. The Life-Sized Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure will let you feel like you’re on the Death Star, with enough importance to justify giving you [...]

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Marvel Comics Colossus Format Figure

Colossus Premium Format Figure

He might not get a lot of love from Hollywood but you can show your appreciation for one of the strongest mutants in the X-Men with the Colossus Premium Format Figure. Everyone thinks Wolverine is tough because of his adamantium claws but Colossus brings a whole new level to the concept of having thick [...]

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