Mini R/C Fish Helicopter

Mini R/C Fish Helicopter

This radio-controlled mini helicopter features a unique dual fish tail design, which is said to give both rookies and geeks an extremely stable flying experience.

A specially engineered rotor-blade system gives it a stable lift off – important for first time flyers. Its miniature design makes this the perfect remote control toy helicopter for flying indoors.

It uses a super wide infrared control – easily flyable up to 50 feet. The copter also has a built in Li-poly battery and a transmitter that doubles as a fast charger, giving you everything you need for long lasting remote control toy helicopter fun.

Size: 4(L) x 3(W) x 2(H) inches. Battery Requirements: 6 x AA.

The Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter is yours for $29.99 from Sharper Image.

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