K’Nex Mario & Yoshi vs. Stone Bowser Building Set

Mario & Yoshi vs Stone Bowser Set

Mario and his comrades are always up against a posse of evil forces spawned from Bowser, and what’s worse is that they’re always racing against the clock of death. The K’Nex Mario & Yoshi vs. Stone Bowser Building Set lets your relive the action of Mario Kart video games for the Wii, but in real time.

K’Nex Mario & Yoshi vs. Stone Bowser Building SetMario & Yoshi vs Stone Bowser

  • Build Mario in his Wild Wing Kart and Yoshi in his Standard Kart
  • Giant Stone Bowser Head that Shoots Fireballs
  • 3 collectible items: Bullet Bill, Star and Green Turtle Shell
  • 2 Super-Fast, battery powered motors for karts
  • 30 pieces of buildable track create a closed loop

With the pull of a hand crank, Stone Bowser can launch plastic yellow fireballs at Mario and Yoshi as they zoom around the racetrack at battery-powered speeds. And does Bowser ever look stone cold doing that! The set also comes with a normal Bowser figure, along with a Bullet Bill and Turtle Shell to gang up on Mario and Yoshi. But don’t forget there’s a star to boost the team with short bursts of invincibility.

Mario & Yoshi vs Stone Bowser Building Set

This set is compatible and expandable with the various K’Nex Mario Kart Wii building sets we’ve showcased, including the Mario vs. Goombas Building Set and Mario and Luigi Starting Line Building Set.

The K’Nex Mario & Yoshi vs. Stone Bowser Building Set can be found at Amazon starting at $51.13.

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