waterBOB Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage


The number one thing you need in case of emergency is water. In fact, one of the first tips that emergency guides list is to rush to your bathroom and fill the tub with water so that no one gets dehydrated in case the water supply is cut.

Unfortunately, the water in the tub might not be that safe to drink given the amount of bacteria that’s probably in your bathroom and in some areas of your tub, especially if you don’t use it much. The perfect solution? The waterBOB Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage.


WaterBOB is a huge storage container made from high quality food grade plastic that can store up to one hundred gallons of water. Just put it in your tub, turn on the tap, and wait until the entire thing fills up. With the waterBob, you’re more or less assured that the water stays safe to drink since it doesn’t actually come into direct contact with your tub. The waterBOB also comes with a siphon pump so you can dispense smaller amounts of water as needed.

Keep your emergency water safe for drinking with the waterBOB Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage, which is available from Amazon for $29.99.


  1. In terms of emergency this waterBOB become a very helpful tool for the peoples who may be stuck in a survival situation in the future if situation may occur. Always be prepared to face any situation…. Thanks for sharing this article and I’ll keep in mind the benefit of waterBOB in future.

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