Geiger Counter FJ-2000

Geiger Counter FJ-2000

With the nuclear reactor situation at the  Fukushima power plants in Japan, everyone is concerned about nuclear radiation. Measuring the levels of radiation is possible with the Geiger Counter FJ-2000. It is easy to use, yet is sophisticated enough to accurately measure the radiation levels in your vicinity. If levels are too high (above 25µSv/H), a warning alarm sounds.

Geiger Counter FJ-2000

  • Radiation Measuring Range: 0.1µSv/H – 999.9µSv/H
  • Reaction energy: 50keV-1.3MeV (±30%)
  • Accuracy: ±20%
  • Usage environment: -10 to 50°C (95%RH and over)
  • Power: AAA batteries x2
  • Includes pouch, manual (Chinese)
  • Weight: 75g
  • Size: 55cm x 92cm x 18cm (21.7″ x 36.2″ x 7.1″)

Order the Geiger Counter FJ-2000 for $609 from Japan Trend Shop.

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  1. It’s really expenive! Under 400 right here

    Please, do not pay more than the real price…

  2. Hey don’t believe that Asiapads, they haven’t got any of that stuff in stock but still take your money.

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