Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figures

Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figures

Have you heard of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Well, these aren’t those guys, but the Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figures still has plenty to offer inspiring minds. These open box figures will give you hours of old-fashioned fun as you enjoy the likes of Oscar Wilde, Anne Oakley, Charles Dickens, Alexander the Great, Mosses, Beethoven, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and more.

This box of 10 action figures answers the question, what if a group of historical figures, ladies and gentlemen, from various eras and places banded together to have adventures and solve crimes? All ten are out of their packaging, so these figures are for playing with, not collecting. It’s super fun to mix these in with your Dr. Who and GI Joe figures for time-travelling high jinks or you can use them to act out intellectual conversations between geniuses. Imagine all the clever things Oscar Wilde, literary genius, would have to say to Anne Bonny, pirate genius. You get over $90 worth of figures for less than $30!

Put down those Futurama figures and give your Dexter Action Figure something interesting to play with. You can purchase the Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figures at McPhee for $27.57.

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