Capt. Jules Extraordinary Telescope Ring

Captain Jules Extraordinary Telescope Ring

Slip into the world of Steampunk with Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring and be prepared to have an eagle-eye, regardless of whether your subject is near or far.

Steampunk is awesome, especially when the cool-looking gadgets actually do something besides just sit around and look cool. This cast metal ring, with an aged bronze finish, is made of lightweight aluminum and provides four handy accessories in one stylish piece of jewelry.

Captain Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring

Of course, it’s a ring that will get all kinds of attention from your Steampunk-loving friends, but it also contains a lens on either side that make this much more than just an ordinary piece of jewelry. Flip up the larger lens and you have a convenient magnifying glass that’s always ready when you need it. Want to take a gander at something a little further away? Just flip up the second lens and slide them apart for a wicked telescope that’s cool enough for someone like James Bond to use… if Bond was into Steampunk. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a compass built into the center of the ring so you never have to worry about getting lost while looking for things to look at with the telescope.Capt. Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring Magnifying Glass

Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring:

  • Cast metal ring that transforms into a small telescope
  • Two lenses fold out and then slide apart to correct focal length
  • The larger lens can be folded 180 degrees to act as a magnifying lens
  • A small magnetic compass is in the main body of the ring
  • Lightweight cast aluminum construction makes this big ring easy to wear
  • Steampunk finish of bronze with rubbed black patina
  • Attachments included will adjust the ring to fit various sizes: Size 5 (small, 15.75mm), Size 8 (medium, 18.2mm), Size 11 (large, 20.6mm)
  • Comes in a tin suitable for gifting

You’ll always be prepared with optical enhancements with the Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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