Arrested Development Lego Creation

Lego Arrested Development

We’ve posted about some cool Lego designs before, such as the RC Lego Sandcrawler, Rook’s Rook, and the Heavy Assault Tank. Those were all awesome, but nowhere near as fun as this Arrested Development Lego Creation. One of the funniest sitcoms of all time is brought back to life in this Lego creation by Pepa Quin (Matt De Lanoy) that includes the model home, stair car, and all your favorite characters: Michael Bluth, George Michael, Gob, Tobias, Lindasy, Maeby, George Bluth, Lucille, and Buster.

Michael Bluth and George Michael Lego

Arrested Development Lego Creation

Creations and characters from the great television show Arrested Development. Created in June 2011 and displayed for the first time at Brickworld 2011.

Arrested Development Lego Characters

See more pictures of this Arrested Development Lego Creation in Pepa Quin’s Flickr Photostream. Besides for this Arrested Development design, this talented Lego artist has many other incredible creations including those of some can’t miss geek favorite subjects: Futurama, Star Wars, Metroid, Team Fortress 2, Star Craft II, and Toy Story.

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  1. AMAZING! So water-y, yet with a smack of ham!

  2. BEST thing Ive ever seen

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