Wolverine Bust Bank

Wolverine Bust Bank

If I could have my choice of security to watch over my money, I’d choose a certain adamantium-clawed member of the X-Men. Since I can’t get the real guy, I’ll gladly go with the Wolverine Bust Bank.

Fans of Logan in the movies are more familiar with a more realistic look but comic geeks know that Wolverine is all about the yellow spandex and blue shoulder pads.

Snarl firmly in place, muscles bulging, and claws extended, Wolverine lets everyone know your cold, hard cash is off-limits to anyone that isn’t you.

Wolverine Bust Bank

  • Sculptured, plastic toy bank
  • Coin slot on back
  • Removable stopper on bottom
  • 7” H x 7 1/2” W x 6” D

The Wolverine Bust Bank is available for $19.50 at the Marvel Store and for $14.07 at Amazon.com. Also available at the NeatoShop.

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