Wolverine Original Polystone Statue

Wolverine Original Polystone Statue

For moviegoers, the X-Man known as Wolverine looks like Hugh Jackman, but the Wolverine Original Polystone Statue captures the likeness that most Marvel comic fans are familiar with.

The adamantium-laced Canadian is tough, regardless of whether you prefer the movie or comic version, but I have to admit I prefer this sleeker look that Wolvie is now sporting. I’ve always been a fan of Wolverine but I never could figure out what the flared mask was for.


Does he have a radio antenna tucked in there so he can listen to some tunes while slicing-and-dicing? Are they supposed to be wings in case he suddenly decides to see if he can fly?


The new design works a lot better. Wolverine has always been a close-quarters scrapper and having all parts of his costume tucked in close to his body makes more sense than having something an opponent could grab hold of. Not that it would give them much of an edge against those claws.

The statue stands over 15 inches high and is cast in high-quality polystone, making a great eye-catching addition to anyone’s X-Men or Wolverine collection.

You can get the Wolverine Original Polystone Statue for $234.99 (or for as little as $78.33/mo) at Sideshow Collectibles.

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