Wolverine Art Print

The man who made SNIKT an iconic word in the Marvel universe is ready to do what he does best on the Wolverine Art Print. Limited to just 350 pieces and measuring 18″ x 24″, this eye-catching print features everyone’s short-tempered mutant stalking out from […]


Wolverine Premium Format Figure

Get ready to unleash the fury of Logan with the Wolverine Premium Format Figure. He drinks, he smokes, he sometimes kills people before, during, or after drinking or smoking. In other words, the X-Man known as Wolverine isn’t your typical hero. This has caused problems […]


Marvel Gallery X-23 Statue

The Marvel Gallery X-23 Statue shows off Laura Kinney’s new-yet-familiar look, but don’t call her Lady Wolverine unless you want a face full of SNIKT! Laura Kinney entered the Marvel universe as nothing more than a letter and a number: X-23. She’s come a long […]


Wolverine Weapon X Statue

The master of SNIKT! is ready to unleash mutant mayhem as the Wolverine Weapon X Statue. When we first got a glimpse of everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant, he was getting ready to sharpen his claws on the Incredible Hulk, but fans of Wolverine got to […]


Logan The Final Act Art Print

The past and future Wolverines bare their claws on the Logan The Final Act Art Print. Logan and Laura. Wolverine and X-23. The former X-Man and his young clone don’t get a chance to spend much time together but the two are an awesome fighting […]


All-New Wolverine No 16 T-Shirt

Laura Kinney AKA X-23 AKA Wolverine gets her Weapon X groove on with this All-New Wolverine No 16 T-Shirt. A new addition to WeLoveFine’s Comic Cover T-Shirt Program, this 100% cotton tee features the cover art for All-New Wolverine No. 16, created by penciller Nik […]


Logan Into the Sunset T-Shirt

Wolverine and X-23 get the ending they deserve on the Logan Into the Sunset T-Shirt. Okay, the movie Logan ended the way it needed to, the only way it really could have since Hugh Jackman said he was hanging up his adamantium claws… but isn’t […]


Wolverine 16 oz. Geeki Tiki Mug

Are you tough enough to handle the Wolverine 16 oz. Geeki Tiki Mug? Logan goes tropical with a mug that gives Wolverine a distinct tiki style, creating something that’s as as sharp-looking as Wolvie’s adamantium claws. If getting geeky with your tiki is something that […]


Logan T-Shirt

Two Wolverines walk off into the sunset on the Logan T-Shirt. Yes, I know! It was time to close the book on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine… but couldn’t we have had the ending pictured on this shirt? Old Man Logan and Laura riding (or walking) into […]


Logan X-23 iPhone Case

Give your phone a little adamantium action with the Logan X-23 iPhone Case. You’ll be stylin’ like a Wolverine with this slim-fitting one-piece clip-on case that features Dafne Keen’s Laura/X-23 from the movie, Logan. Wearing her rainbow shirt and oh-so-cool shades, a claw-baring, blood-splattered Laura […]

Mezco Wolverine One 12 Collective Action Figure

Wolverine One:12 Collective Action Figure

The Wolverine One:12 Collective Action Figure features over 30 points of articulation and looks impressive enough toplease Logan himself. It also features intricate sculptural work, and incredible costume detailing. These features bring the comic book character to life. Plus he comes with a bunch of […]


X-Men Wolverine Panel T-Shirt

He’s the best at what he does, and what the X-Men Wolverine Panel T-Shirt does is make you look good. This bright and colorful 100% cotton tee will have you getting attention as if razor-sharp claws were popping through your knuckles, except you won’t have […]