Black Panther Mr. Potato Head

Excitement is building in anticipation of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie. There’s merchandising and tie-ins everywhere, but perhaps you haven’t seen this cute Black Panther Mr. Potato Head. This collector’s edition Mr. Potato Head from Poptaters stands about 6″ tall and comes with the body […]

Black Panther Backpack

Fierce Black Panther Backpack

You still have to wait a few weeks to see the movie, but you can get this fierce Black Panther Backpack now. It’s a pretty ferocious design, and somewhat evocative of the Punisher logo. However, in this design the lower portion represents a claw scratch. […]


Wasp versus Ultron Coffee Mug

Janet van Dyne takes on a mechanical menace on the Wasp versus Ultron Coffee Mug. The high-flying Wasp didn’t get to tangle with Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron but she does confront the rogue AI on this ceramic mug, featuring wraparound artwork that shows […]

Captain America Beach Towel

Captain America Beach Towel

When it’s time to hit the beach or pool, you can count on the Captain America Beach Towel to keep you company and get you dry while showing off your geek love for the First Avenger. Made of soft, absorbent terrycloth, this full-size polyester beach […]


Wolverine Bust Bank

If I could have my choice of security to watch over my money, I’d choose a certain adamantium-clawed member of the X-Men. Since I can’t get the real guy, I’ll gladly go with the Wolverine Bust Bank. Fans of Logan in the movies are more […]