What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel

What's For Lunch

If you’re pretty indecisive when it comes to picking out what you’re going to be having for lunch, then we’ve got just the thing for you: the What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel. It’s a wheel you can take around with you to help you decide whether you’re going to be having pizza or a sandwich or a big fat burger for your meal.

Aside from that, the What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel would also make a fun gift for other people who’re always saying they have no preference on where the group’s going for lunch (but who, in fact, takes close to ten minutes deciding if she’ll just have a salad or a full meal.)

What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel

You might just be one of those folks who for the life of you can never make up their mind. Torn between so many options, you just can’t pick the one thing you’re really craving. If this is the case, just grab the What’s For Lunch Wheel? and let fate do the picking for you. Who knows what you might end up having today. Could be pizza. Might be candy from the vending machine. Screw eating, the Wheel says “Caffeine & Nicotine” so grab your cup of coffee and a cigarette and go sit outside and enjoy the warm sunny day.

The What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel is available from Baron Bob for $3.95.

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