Circular Saw Pizza Slicer

Pizza Boss - Circular Saw Pizza Slicer

Pizza Boss is the name of this new fun product for those who especially like the word tool when it comes to kitchen tools. It’s a pizza slicer designed to look like a circular saw.

Unlike most power tools you won’t have to read the instructions before using the Pizza Boss as it’s fairly self-evident: take Pizza Boss in hand, slice pizza. It’s also a lot less dangerous than a circular saw – you’ve far less chance of taking your fingers off with this baby, unless you’re not really paying attention, but then you’ll probably just give yourself a nasty cut. It doesn’t require batteries and you won’t have to hook it up to the mains as the blade is powered by pure elbow grease (not included).

Pizza Boss - Circular Saw Pizza Slicer


  • A pizza slicer designed to look like a mini circular saw.
  • Incredibly easy to use: pizza + hand holding pizza boss = sliced pizza.
  • The blade has a removable shield for easy cleaning.
  • Doesn’t require batteries or mains power.
  • Manufactured using engineering grade plastic (which we’re assured is much tougher than standard plastic).
  • Suitable for ages 18 years+.
  • Size: 11.5 x 10.5 x 6.5cm.

The Pizza Boss is available from the I Want One Of Those website for £9.99 (about $16 USD).


  1. I’ve GOT to get one of those, perfect for slicing the pizza right out the grill while it’s still hot! Only thing I’d say that might be a flaw is that it looks a bit dangerous?

    Still, awesome idea. I love gadgets like this. Great review as always!

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