Oh, Snap Cheese Slicer and Cheeseboard

Oh, Snap Cheese Slicer

I love when an ordinary object gets transformed it into something extraordinary. In this case, we have a mousetrap-turned-cheese serving set called the Oh, Snap Cheese Slicer and Cheeseboard.

Disguised as a giant mousetrap, Oh, Snap Cheese Slicer is a 5″ x 9″ beech wood cheeseboard that comes with a stainless-steel cheese slicer.

It’s funny that we still tend to associate mice with cheese. Rumor has it that choosy mice and rats prefer peanut butter as their last meal. As far as humans are concerned, cheese is the perfect lure. Fill this cheeseboard with tasty cheeses, and see how many friends you can trap. Make sure you load the platter with hard blocks of cheese such as cheddar, gouda, swiss and mozzarella, so that people can use the stainless steel roller slicer that looks like a coiled snap.

The cheeseboard is made of beech wood to give it a more authentic, mousetrappy look and the burned-out “Acme” branding is reminiscent of things found on the Looney Tunes.

A munchies table decorated with this cheeseboard and slicer, along with some plastic rats and fake mice, would be fab for a Halloween bash. So scurry along to find the Oh, Snap Cheese Slicer and Cheeseboard Set at Z Gallerie for $19.95.

Speaking of ordinary objects given extreme makeovers… Fred & Friends is one company that knows how to take ordinary objects, add a little gore, and voilà!  You get things like the Ouch Toothpicks Holder, Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray, and the Murder Ink Pen and Paper Pad.

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