Murder Ink Pen and Paper Pad

Murder Ink Pen and Paper Pad

Crime scene and forensics material ranks high upon the “few of our favorite things” list at GA. But what we love best is when murder and humor are combined into one sensible product. Take for instance the Crime Scene Fleece Blanket, Geek Crime Scene Tape and Crime Scene Bandages. These all are useful things that also happen to create drama and suspense but most importantly, get a big LOL out of people. Now we have the bloody Murder Ink Pen and Paper Pad, basically a sticky notepad in the shape of a dead man. But here’s the cool part: the pen looks blood-stained and rests upright in the heart of the stabbed, bloody dead man note tablet.

Mind you, this product is not intended for young audiences due to its course nature and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised. But for mature audiences having a hard time getting their memos understood…(all you CSI, Sherlock Holmes or Dexter Morgan and Vince Masuka (bald Asian guy with a gangsta attitude) wannabes), you need to add this one to your lab bench.

If you want your flaky co-workers to go out with you for coffee or on lunch break, leave them a note on the dead man and watch them show up right on time. If someone has done you wrong, you don’t need to write anything..just stick a dead man note somewhere highly visible. If that doesn’t work, try adding some Medieval Pushpins (the axe), to effectively get your point across. Bribe or threaten.

The Murder Ink Pen and Paper Pad is available at Baron Bob for $7.95 and also at Amazon from $7.95.

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