Lumen Circular Switches

Lumen Circular Switches

You know how sometimes, you have to push a switch to turn the lights on and off instead of flicking them? Some people prefer one or the other, but that’s okay, because these Lumen Circular Switches make it easy for you to convert to either of these switches in a sitch.

“Lumen” is the unit of measure for “luminous flux.” It’s used to describe the total “amount” of visible light that’s emitted by a certain source, so the name of the modular light switches are definitely fitting.

Lumen Circular Switches

These Lumen Circular Switches were designed by Magdaléna Čurdová & Tereza Matyášková. There are basically three main segments to the design: the frame, the button caps, and the buttons. Aside from being able to use them as light switches, you can also use them for dial controls (such as for your heater) or as controls for your ventilating system (or for most other things, actually.)

The Lumen Circular Switches are still a concept design for now, though, but they could really change how switches are done if ever they go into production.

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