Levitating Multicolored LED Photo Frame


Levitating Multicolored LED Photo Frame

Remember the Illuminating Levitating Earth Globe? From the same German company comes this electromagnetic photo frame.

Two electronic magnets, one in the foot and one at the top, controls the distance between the black/chrome arch and the frame. A standard magnet makes sure the frame stays when the 220V for the electromagnets is shut off. The inside part of the arch can be lit up with multicolored LED lights.

You can add photos at both sides of the 12.4 x 8.3 cm. (4.7 x 3.1 inches) large frame. The overall height is 17 cm. (6.7 inches).

You can get the Levitating Multicolored LED Photo Frame for 44.95 EUR (about $61 USD) from the German Funice.de website.

Do you want more? Kick off your shoes and enjoy the soothing effect of reading the explanation of the levitation part (automatically translated text):

Levitating Multicolored LED Photo Frame

In the solenoid actuator an electromagnet and a magnetic field sensor are, in the foot of the rack are the microprocessor and control electronics. The magnetic field sensor registers the magnetic field of the permanent magnet in the photo frame and can thus data to the computer send, how far the photo frame is distant from the solenoid actuator. The computer evaluates these data and steers the electromagnets accordingly, in order to move the photo frame steered upward or down exactly. Thus the photo frame is always held in the correct position. Beyond that the computer registers also oscillations in the photo frame and steers actively against, in order to let the frameworks float surely and calmly. In addition the computer from the characteristics of electromagnet, permanent magnet, weight of the photo frame etc. computes the optimal hover height and adapts these automatically, if the characteristics in the course of the time should change. Like that it is ensured that you will enjoy this product over long time.

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