WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

This 8-inch WiFi digital photo frame from eStarling has just been updated with a new cool feature. You can now link it to your Facebook account to view your and your friends uploaded pictures right on the digital frame.

Techy stuff
Once configured, the frame can be left to operate in a completely stand alone mode. It supports WEP or WPA encryption and has fully featured TCP/IP setup supporting DCHP and manual IP. (By the way, if you don’t know what this stuff means, don’t worry, it’s all easy to sort out and set up.)

Once the photo frame is online, it gets its own dedicated email address that anyone you share it with can send photos to. You can secure this by only allowing pictures from specific email addresses to be displayed. So don’t worry – your Wi-Fi picture frame isn’t going to try to sell you Viagra!

Displaying Photos
Simply email any photo to the frame. It checks for new email every few minutes and puts any pictures it receives into rotation in a slideshow. It functions in the same way when receiving photos via a Flickr or Photobucket feed. You can also add or delete photos directly via the web-based control panel.

WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support


  • eStarling 8″ Widescreen features widescreen aspect ratio (800×600 resolution)
  • Innoloux panel used to ensure highest level of clarity
  • Black Piano Finish
  • Memory Size: On-board FLASH memory 128M
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g with Support for WEP encryption
  • MMC/SD/MS/CF 4in1 card slot
  • Views JPEG files
  • External 120V/240V AC Adapter

The Thumbs Up website has the WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support listed with a suggested retail price of £230 (about $449 USD).


  1. After extensive product testing of Kodak and competitor offerings, including eStarling, Which Frame? named eStarling one of the brands to avoid at this current time until overall product quality has been improved despite new Facebook features. Kodak will have this same feature and more with the launch of its new W series.

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