The Four Attractant Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trap

The mosquitoes are out in the neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Mosquitobusters! As warm weather approaches, our little blood-sucking nemeses come out of the bushes and attempt to eat us humans alive. This year, declare Operation Mosquito Wipeout on them with the Four Attractant Mosquito Trap.

Similar in style to the ghost trap in the Ghostbusters flicks but with a beefy, military edge, this lean, mean mosquito-fighting machine is a bug zapper on steroids. Taking care of business across one acre, the 17-pound (7.7-kg.) trap’s LED light oscillates at a frequency irresistible to mosquitoes and emits vibrations that lure them in like a song of the sirens. As if that weren’t enough, this bad boy outsmarts the lil’ vamps by producing infrared heat to simulate human body temperature. Meanwhile, the machine lets off the same chemical compound found in human breath and sweat called octenol. So when the bugs are tricked into thinking they’re in for the ultimate human feast, they fly towards the trap and get sucked in by a fan, land in a net and dehydrate to death.

Four Attractant Mosquito Trap

Kill more than 1,000 skeeters per night without spraying harmful, cancer-causing repellants on your skin. Program the trap to turn on at dusk and turn off at bedtime via its digital timer. The 60-ft. (18.3-m.) AC cord makes it adequately mobile.

The included octenol strip lasts for approximately 30 days, and the replacement strips are available for $29.95. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the high-tech Four Attractant Mosquito Trap is a new arrival at Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $249.95.

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