Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

Mosquito Repellent Wristband

If mosquitoes get under your skin like they do mine, you’re probably willing to try anything to keep them away. Last year we showed you a high-tech way to seek and destroy mosquitoes with the Four Attractant Mosquito Trap. For a simpler means of warding off mosquitoes without […]


The Four Attractant Mosquito Trap

The mosquitoes are out in the neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Mosquitobusters! As warm weather approaches, our little blood-sucking nemeses come out of the bushes and attempt to eat us humans alive. This year, declare Operation Mosquito Wipeout on them with the Four Attractant Mosquito […]

Mosquito 3.0 Micro RC Helicopter

Mosquito 3.0 Micro Indoor R/C Helicopter

Remember the radio-controlled 3-channel Micro Mosquito that we wrote about last year? It has now been released in version 3.0, featuring orange LED eyes and an extra pair of legs. Utilizing patented twin rotor technology combined with a horizontal tail rotor and proportional radio control, […]

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Fly Pod

With the Fly Pod ($100) they want to show that a fly trap doesn’t necessarily have to be some unattractive device that you’ll try to hide in the corner. Unlike most electric fly traps, ours isn’t at all industrial looking, and instead, is silent, neat, […]