Delete Button Flyswatter

Delete Flyswatter

It’s hard to admit that killing bugs gives us a deeply gratifying, cheap thrill. We justify our sins by arguing that bugs are evil and are trying to take over the earth. That’s why we’ve seen things on the market like bug-killing Apps, the electrocuting tennis racket flyswatter, and why we laugh like Gargamel when the bug zapper goes berserk in the backyard. Muwahahahahahahahaha! For those of us who are not so nice that we would indeed harm a fly and enjoy every millisecond of it, the Delete Button Flyswatter by Fred & Friends was made just for us.

As warmer weather approaches, flies, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs always think they can come and mess with your authority. Fight back by deleting them from existence and sending them straight to the recycling bin, without passing go or collecting $200!

Delete Key Flyswatter

  • Fly swatter in del key shape
  • This handy flyswatter works on windows or macs
  • Molded from high-tech plastic that’s flexible yet strong
  • Recyclable clamshell packaging

Already more modern and better looking than most ordinary flyswatters, you can choose between the charcoal or ivory Delete Button Flyswatter for $11.19 a pop at And since you’re shopping online, you won’t have to face any crazy rallyers for bugs’ rights. If only we could delete everything we didn’t like…

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