spnKiX Motorized Skate Shoes

spnKiX Motorized Skate Shoes

The younger generation has it easy these days. They’ve got wheels on their bags so they don’t have to carry them around, they’ve got mobile phones so they don’t have to line up at payphones to make a call, and now they’ve even got the spnKiX Motorized Skates to attach to their shoes when they get too tired to walk. They will propel them up to a speedy 10 mph too, powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries.


These spnKiX Motorized Skates are battery-powered with removable battery packs, so there are no messy wires and all that stuff needed to charge it up. You don’t even have to bend down to adjust the speed settings on the skates, because the remote control it comes with takes care of that. Its makers are aware that many might find it a bit difficult to use at first, so they threw in some training wheels to help speed up the learning process. How cool is that?

The spnKiX Motorized Skates are now available online, although they cost a small fortune–$649, to be exact.

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